Our Employee Training Services ensures that we offer you the crème of the Talent for all our services and encourage team spirit as well as self-governance.

Training Process

Golden Stars Mandatory Basic Training Course for all Manpower
Golden Stars Advanced Skills Training based on the Industry / Job
Golden Stars Soft Skills Training
Golden Stars Certification before Deployment
Golden Stars Supervisory Training Module for Supervisors
Golden Stars Mandatory Quarterly Weekend Training for Supervisors
Golden Stars Regular Refresher Training: On Site / Off Site
Golden Stars Correction Training Based on Internal Audit
Golden Stars Special Training Based on Client Feedback / Process Failure
Golden Stars Training Centre
Golden Stars Multi-Mode Training Aids – Theory, Practical, Audio Visual
Golden Stars Specialized Simulation divisions for Hospital Training
Golden Stars Use of Actual Machinery, Tools & Tackles and Surfaces
Golden Stars Training Team
Golden Stars Off Site and On Site Trainers
Golden Stars Continuous Monitoring and Upgrading of Processes & Skills
Golden Stars KPI’s based on Qualitative Client Feedback