Production Support

Production Support Services is a model where one requires outsourcing of manpower to assist a manufacturing process. To support this demand, Golden Star provides employees who perform production line tasks full-time or during customers' workforce absenteeism. Our qualified team is the solution to a reduced labor force with services ranging from component sequencing and intra-plant transportation to product inspections and logistical tracking. We aim at improving the labor support experience by increasing performance and efficiency, reducing total spend and reducing the hassle of several points of contact. Here’s a brief of why working with Golden Star benefits you:

Performance and Efficiency:

Golden Stars We deploy the best of the skills and talents for your needs
Golden Stars We reduce your burden of retaining staff and in turn reduce your production cost and cost of training
Golden Stars We guarantee to minimize damage during your production process

Total Spend:

Golden Stars We curb your costs by providing you skilled manpower
Golden Stars You have the freedom and flexibility to increase or decrease manpower depending on your requirement

Single point of contact:
We offer multiple solutions under one umbrella.

Golden Stars Unskilled Manpower (E.g.: Loaders, trolley movement operators)
Golden Stars Semi – Skilled Manpower (E.g.: Packers, material receiving operators)
Golden Stars Skilled Manpower (E.g.; Drivers, assembly line operators)
Golden Stars Fork Lift Drivers (E.g.: Battery operated, fuel operated & tilting fork lift operators)
Golden Stars Painters (E.g.: Spray painters, polishers)
Golden Stars Welders (E.g.: CO2 welders, glass cutters, spot welders, arc welders)
Golden Stars Carpenters (E.g.: Packing carpenters)
Golden Stars Drivers (E.g.: Car movement, internal movement)
Golden Stars Restack Operations
Golden Stars Pick Packers
Golden Stars Data Entry Operators
Golden Stars Glass handling People
Golden Stars Shift In charge
Golden Stars Production Support
Golden Stars Press Shop Operators
Golden Stars Fitters
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