Housekeeping is the provision of a clean, comfortable and a safe environment. At Golden Star, we provide you with the best of housekeeping services and ensure an even better environment.

We offer our clients a professional, cost-effective, responsive and high quality corporate housekeeping service. Our trained housekeeping professionals collaborate with facility managers to improve operations and provide a clean work environment. Our customized housekeeping services demand work on different surfaces, along with an impeccable cleaning of interior and exterior. We use industry recommended chemicals, advanced cleaning gadgets and appliances in the cleaning process to ensure flawless quality levels.

At Golden Star, every project is meticulously planned. We consult to develop an understanding of our clients’ property by creating a unique service package for every client.

Our services include:

Golden Stars Cleaning
Golden Stars Dusting and vacuuming
Golden Stars Mechanized cleaning of premises
Golden Stars Polishing
Golden Stars Carpet cleaning and shampooing
Golden Stars Garbage disposal
Golden Stars Glass cleaning
You name it and we are geared for your service!
Sample Cleaning SLA