Proper housekeeping is required in any hospital facility for the safety and prevention of patients, visitors and hospital personnel from illnesses. Some of the high risk zones of the hospital include its emergency rooms, intensive care units (ICU), infant care areas and patient bathrooms. These areas require to be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants and high quality cleaners. Strict Regulations and codes are required for the sanitary conditions in a hospital and our experienced housekeepers perform these assigned duties with determination and diligence.

Environmental Services

Golden Stars Execute environmental services and maintain environmental hygiene
Golden Stars Manage daily housekeeping activities including cleaning of all floors, wards, rooms, washrooms and all public areas
Golden Stars Bed-making and maintaining aesthetics of rooms
Golden Stars Uphold cleanliness and safety standards

Porter Services

Golden Stars Transportation of patients on wheel chairs, beds or stretchers from wards and departments
Golden Stars Escorting patients from wards to OPD, X-Ray, CT, OT, ICU as advised by nurses
Golden Stars Collecting and dispatching documents and reports from X-ray, CT, OT, ICU and lab reports

Linen & Laundry Management

Golden Stars Maintain par level linen stock in the stores
Golden Stars Collecting soiled linen from point of use
Golden Stars Receive and deliver fresh linen
Golden Stars Sorting of articles by color, fabric, dirt content and cleaning process required
Golden Stars Implementing and maintaining regular quality check

Waste Management

Golden Stars Collection of general & bio medical waste
Golden Stars Segregation as per the color code in the final storage area
Golden Stars Maintaining stringent documentation for receipt and disposal
Golden Stars Documentation of Incident Reports, if any
Golden Stars Assisting in waste handover to the collection vendor

Assisting hospitals with

Golden Stars Matting
Golden Stars Linen
Golden Stars Toiletries
Golden Stars Cleaning Chemicals & Consumables
Golden Stars Flooring & Floor finishes, etc.